Don’t think you need a tax accountant? You couldn’t be more wrong

Amersham Accountants, Palmers Business Support reducing tax liability for businesses like yours

Reducing personal and corporation tax liabilities: saving business owners like you money

Tired of always having massive tax bills? Feel like the taxman earns more from your business than you do? That’s exactly why you need a tax accountant: someone who will help you pay as little tax as possible; reduce tax liability for both you and your business and make sure your business earns more from your hard work than the taxman!

And over the years, we’ve been helping businesses of all shapes and sizes do just that. As tax accountants in Amersham, our focus is simply to find as many ways as possible to help save you money, so you can put it back into growing your business.

Make this the year you stop paying too much tax

Whether it’s showing companies how to reduce corporation tax or helping reduce tax liability across personal affairs, we offer a wide range of services all designed to save you money.

Here are just 4 areas where we help our Amersham clients:

Reducing Corporation Tax: the simplest way to reduce your final tax bill is to reduce the amount of profit you make. We’ll take a good look at your business and identify simple ways you can achieve just that.

Minimise the amount of tax on savings: Do you have an ISA? Pension? If not, chances are you’re paying too much tax. We’ll help identify how you could reduce the amount of tax on savings.

Improve your taxable savings: even when you’re paying out on taxable savings there are things you can do to maximise your tax-free amount. We’ll take a thorough look at your investments and set you on the right path.

Reduce tax liability: chances are you’re paying too much tax on your personal affairs. We’ll show you some really easy ways to reduce tax liability and only pay the minimum amount of tax required by law.

Amersham Accountants who care no matter whether you work for yourself or have a limited company, we’re here to help you reduce your personal and corporate tax liability.

Let us help you reduce your tax liability

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Palmers, the Amersham Accountants: Why we should be your tax accountant

Based in or around Amersham? Then book a free tax consultation today with Palmers, your accountants in Amersham.

Being local is the best way we know of helping businesses reduce tax liability. Why? Because it allows us to really get to know you and your business and make sure we always put your needs first.

And we don’t mind if you are a one-man band or a SME. We work with clients of all sizes, so if you’re looking for accountants in Amersham, give us a call today.

Over the years, we’ve successfully provided our clients around Amersham with both business and personal tax advice on how to reduce corporation tax and their personal tax liability. If you think you could benefit from talking to an experienced tax accountant, request a free tax consultation today.

Make extra pension contributions – reduce your tax liability
Yes, it’s really as simple as that. Pension contributions are tax free, so making some extra contributions during the year reduces the earnings you get taxed on. Not only that, but in some cases, it can bring your earnings down to another tax bracket, which will also reduce tax liability.

Make the most of your pension scheme annual allowance
Talking of pensions, don’t forget you can take advantage of carry forward. This basically means if you haven’t used your annual allowance during the three previous tax years, then you can still make those extra contributions. Great for those of you who are self-employed with fluctuating earnings.

Learn more about other accounting and business growth services we offer on our website here.

Reducing corporation tax

Identifying how to reduce corporation tax, filing in forms, submitting returns. We’ll handle it all.

Decreasing savings tax

Getting to grips with savings tax, ensuring you pay as little as possible. Leave it all to us.

Minimising tax liability

Decreasing your tax liability for both your personal and business affairs. We’ve got it covered.

Enhancing taxable savings

Identifying how to boost your taxable savings. We can help with to.

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Tax-efficient ways of reducing your tax liability

Tip one

Storing your company’s stock in your garage? Using your summerhouse as your office? Then think about becoming your company’s landlord. Why? Because it’s a tax efficient way to extract income from your company; the rent is tax deductible from your profits and you can claim tax deductions from the rental income including interest paid on money you borrowed to purchase the property in the first place.

Tip two

Making your spouse a shareholder is a great way to reduce tax liability. Think about it: only the first £2,000 of dividend payments are tax free, so give some of those dividends to your spouse and immediately you’ve saved money. But be careful. HMRC are often suspicious when they see spouses as shareholders, so don’t split the shares 50:50 and make sure they have an active role in running the business, even if it’s just opening the mail.

Tip three

Award employees for suggestions that benefit your business, and you won’t have to pay any tax or National Insurance. You can pay £25 for any suggestions that improve the way the business is run and if it’s an idea that delivers a financial benefit you can pay 50% of the money saved in the first year or 10% of the money saved over 5 years, as long as it’s not more than £5,000.

Tip three

Another great way to reduce tax liability is to use your partner’s personal allowance. This means if your partner/spouse is not fully utilising their personal allowance and your income falls in the basic rate band, they can transfer all or part of their personal allowance to you.

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