Reducing Corporation Tax the legitimate way


Reducing your Corporation Tax, the legitimate way Over the last two blogs, we’ve looked at some pretty major ways of getting Corporation Tax breaks and how to reduce your tax liabilities. And while they are definitely worth thinking about, we know some of you are more interested in the easy things you can do to […]

5 reasons why you should be your company’s landlord


5 reasons why you should become your company’s landlord Most of you will probably have heard of buy-to-let: you buy a property and rent it out to someone else. But have thought about renting that property back to your own company? Okay, you might not be able to go out and buy offices, but the […]

Corporation Tax breaks


Limited companies and Corporation Tax breaks: Part 1 – Building a pension pot One of the advantages of running your own limited company is the number of Corporation Tax breaks you can get. The problem is that most of us are too busy running a business to put the necessary time and research into working […]

Free gift for every self assessment


HMRC gives away a free gift for every self assessment tax return submitted on time? Okay, that’s not true, but now we’ve got your attention, let’s talk about how you can get HMRC self assessment ready and stop it being the bane of your life. Take responsibility Let’s get the scary stuff out of the […]

Why real-time bookkeeping is your key to business growth


Why real-time bookkeeping is your key to business growth We get it. You didn’t set up a business to spend your days crunching numbers, dealing with tax returns or panicking about getting all your paperwork to your tax accountant on time. Well, real-time bookkeeping means you don’t have to. Today’s online accounting software, means your […]