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Advising business owners on how to reduce personal and corporate tax liability

If you could find a tax accountant who could help you pay as little tax as possible, reduce tax liability for both you and your business, and promises not to baffle you with jargon, would you be interested? If so, then welcome to Palmers, the Tring Accountants.

Over the last few years as tax accountants in Tring we’ve built up great relationships with clients of all shapes and sizes and it’s down to one single reason: we always work to your agenda, not our own. Our goal is simply to help you focus your time and energy on your business, while we focus on making you smile. How? By saving you money. Read some of our client testimonials here.

4 reasons why hiring a tax accountant could be the best thing you do this year

Palmers offer a wide range of services; not only can we help in reducing corporation tax for your business, but also help reduce tax liability across your personal affairs. Here are just 5 areas where we could help you:

  1. Reducing Corporation Tax: : this is simply about reducing the amount of profit you make, so you pay less tax. We’ll take a look at your business and advise you on how to reduce your final tax bill.
  2. Decrease the amount of tax on savings: if your overall taxable income is £17,850 or less, you may not need to pay tax on your savings income. We’ll review your situation and advise you how you could benefit most.
  3. Boost your taxable savings if you have savings, but don’t have an ISA, you’re missing a trick. We’ll help you get to grips with how to boost your taxable savings.
  4. Decrease tax liability there are lots of easy ways to decrease your tax liability and only pay the minimum amount of tax required by law. We’ll happily advise you on what would suit your personal situation.

Tring Accountants who care no matter whether you work for yourself or have a limited company, we’re here to help you reduce your personal and corporate tax liability.

Let us help you reduce your tax liability

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Palmers, the Tring Accountants: Why hire us as your tax accountant?

If you’re a Tring based business, then what could be better than accountants in Tring? We know the best way of helping you reduce tax liability is to really get to know you and your business. And being right on your doorstep helps us do just that.

We work with clients of all sizes; from one-man bands to big businesses, so, if you’re looking for accountants in Tring, complete the form below and we will contact you to discuss your situation further.

Make the most out of tax efficient employee incentive schemes Did you know as soon as you get another employee your company could benefit from having a salary sacrifice scheme? Employees give up some of their pay and receive a benefit instead. And if certain criteria are met, some of these benefits have more favourable tax treatment.

Use your annual gift allowance to your advantage Each year, you get an Annual Gift Allowance which means you can give away assets or cash up to total of £3,000 without incurring Inheritance Tax. You can also use up any of last year’s unused allowance.

Whether you work for yourself or have a limited company, you will need help to reduce your personal and corporate tax liability. We firmly believe nobody should pay more tax than they ought to, so if you’re looking for accountants in Tring, then why not give us a call and book a free tax consultation. We’d love to have a chat regarding your tax challenges.

Learn more about other accounting and business growth services we offer on our website here.

Reducing corporation tax

We will handle everything from identifying how to reduce corporation tax to submitting your returns.

Managing savings tax

Palmers Business Support will help you get to grips with savings tax and show you how to pay the minimum amount possible.

Decreasing tax liability

We’ll help decrease the tax liability for your business, you personally or both.

Boosting taxable savings

We’ll help identify ways in which you can easily boost your taxable savings.

Client testimonials

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Book a free initial consultation with Palmers to understand how we can help you.

Handy hints to reduce your tax liability:

Tip one

If you have children, then you should really think about taking out a Junior ISA. They can be opened for children under 18 and this year’s annual tax free allowance is £4,260. It’s a great way of building a nest egg while saving tax.

Tip two

Did you know that if you provide sporting or recreation facilities at your office, these will be tax-free? It covers everything from a full-scale gym to a football table, so no matter the size of your business, you could benefit.

Tip three

One really easy way to reduce your tax liability is to make extra pension contributions, tax free. Not only does it reduce the earnings you get taxed on but in some cases brings your earnings down to another tax bracket.

Tip three

And don’t forget, if you’re a member of a pension scheme and haven’t used your annual allowance during the three previous tax years, then you can take advantage of carry forward. This allows you to make extra contributions in the current year and is particular useful if you’re self-employed and your earnings fluctuate.

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