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We work with enterprising owner-operators on a mission
to create a business legacy. If this is you, then our Virtual
Financial Director (VFD) service could be the game
changer you’re looking for.

Plan, strategise and scale

with precise financial modelling

Make brilliant business decisions

backed by watertight financial data

Achieve your business goals

with your bespoke financial blueprint

Ready to build your business legacy?

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Our Virtual Financial Director service gives business owners the clarity and foresight to build, scale and soar with confidence.

You have a vision for your business – and you’re ready to take decisive action. But you also know that rapid growth is only possible when supported by a robust business strategy, and rigorous data insights.

Backed by decades of first-hand business development experience, our Virtual Financial Directors will deep-dive into your numbers to explore, refine and implement your strategic business plan.

Starting with your long-term goals, we’ll help you transform raw financial data into a step-by-step business blueprint that aligns with your vision, and drives your long-term success.

What if you could be confident that every action you take, every decision you make, was a proactive step towards your business goals?

When it comes to your numbers, it’s often the small, simple changes that bring the biggest results. But knowing where, when and how to make those changes? Not so simple.

What if you could see into the future? To explore endless possibilities for your business, and see exactly what they mean for your bottom line – today, tomorrow and in years to come?

Our Virtual Financial Director service allows you to strategise, plan and act with confidence – safe in the knowledge the numbers add up. So that every move you make becomes a qualified step towards where you want to be.

Scrutinise, strategise and scale with Palmer's Virtual Financial Director service

Reduce risk

Not knowing your numbers is a risky business. Get peace of mind in the knowledge your business strategy is backed by reliable, real-time financial data.

Get answers

Turn "what if's” into reliable predictions with detailed scenario planning. We'll explore financial possibilities to define the best way forward for your business.

Refocus your energy

There's a million things you could be doing – but what will make the biggest difference? We'll help refocus your attention to support short and long-term goals.

Backed by experience

Our VFDs have been running fast-growing businesses for decades. We've done the graft, we know what you need, and we're here to make it happen.

The right tech

We've invested in top financially modelling software to help you analyse cash flows, identify weakness, and make wise business investments.

100% bespoke

Our tailored approach ensures our VFD service aligns with your needs, strengths and aspirations. Tell us your destination – and we'll help you get there.

At Palmers Accounting, we’re not interested in where you are now, but where you want to be. If you have a vision – and the determination to make it succeed – we’re ready to help you.  

One of the things that makes our Virtual Financial Director service so unique is that it’s truly bespoke. Whether you’re a two-man-band with a £100k turnover, or a twenty-strong team pushing £1m profit, we’ll provide the tailored guidance you need to achieve your life and business goals.

Think you're too small for our Virtual Financial Director Service? Think again

Build on solid financial foundations

Our Virtual Financial Director service is only possible with accurate business data and detailed financial reporting. Our complete range of accountancy services take care of the grunt work – so you can focus on making brilliant business decisions.

Management Accounting

Financial reporting and analysis to help your business grow, including monthly profit and loss, cash flow forecasts, bookkeeping and cost analysis. 

Accounting Essentials

All the accounting basics you need to get started, including VAT calculations, personal tax returns, Year End Accounts and payroll services. 

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