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Get visibility on your incomings and outgoings with a cash flow forecast. Palmers Accounting can help you see the bigger picture.

Plan with confidence

and get a reliable forecast of your cash flow

Take control

with software and tools that provide clarity

Understand the data

with experienced accountants at your side

The numbers you need to make the big calls

No one has a crystal ball, but your cash flow forecast will help you project how much money you’ll have today, tomorrow and well into the future.

Before you make key decisions, it’s always important to have accurate data at your fingertips. Palmers Accounting can produce a professional cash flow forecast to help you finalise your budget with peace of mind.

Our experienced team can talk you through the numbers and help you get a better understanding of your financial landscape. Whether you need to make decisions about a particular department, or you want a whole-of-business overview, we’ll listen to your priorities and present your cash flow forecast in a clear, digestible way.

By working with Palmers Accounting, you can access best-in-class tools and get the numbers you need to grow your business to its true potential.

Our cash flow forecasts give you the confidence and control to make the best business decisions

Expert forecasts

Cash is king, and we understand how important your cash flow forecast is to your future growth plans. We’ll give you a crystal clear picture of your profit projections and more.

Scenario planning

Our Virtual Financial Director service will show you what’s possible. We’ll talk you through different scenarios so you have a clear sight of the risks and rewards behind each decision.

Tools to help you plan

We embrace technology so we can give you the accurate insights you deserve. You’ll receive meaningful reports backed up by hard evidence – not waffle.

Business brains

We’re business developers at heart, and our guidance is informed by real-world experience. We’ve built businesses from scratch and we’re definitely more than just number crunchers.

Data you can digest

We’ll present you with facts and figures so you can optimise your future spending. We’ll also help you factor in the costs associated with particular departments or a new product line.

Peace of mind

The clarity of our cash flow forecasts mean you’ll have clear-as-day visibility on the facts. You’ll know that every decision can be made with your eyes wide open.

Speak to the accountants who care

We understand that your business is more than just a balance sheet – it’s a livelihood for you and your core team. Whether you need a cash flow forecast or other accounting services, tell us your priorities and we’ll deliver a plan of action.

Explore our other services

Our cash flow forecasts are just the tip of the iceberg. Explore some of our other Management Accounting services.


Build your

business legacy

We work with enterprising owner-operators on a mission
to create a business legacy. If this is you, then our Virtual
Financial Director (VFD) service could be the game
changer you’re looking for.

Plan, predict and strategise

with expert data analysis and precise financial modelling

Refocus your energy

to support growth and drive your business forward

Achieve your business goals

with your bespoke financial blueprint from business growth experts

A cash flow forecast you can trust

Our dedicated team of accountants will give you the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Tell us your priorities and we’d love to help your business soar.

Talk to the Palmers Accounting team

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