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Palmers Accounting was founded with a mission: to help growth-focused business owners make brilliant business decisions.

We didn’t start our careers counting beans. In fact, Palmers’ founder Adam Gunnell spent 20 years as an executive recruiter, and over a decade running his own recruitment consultancy.

In that time, Adam experienced first hand the challenges of managing a fast-growing business. Through the daily graft, little wins and long nights, he came to realise that the secret to consistent business growth lay in its numbers.

But while most accountancy firms focused on neat reports and compliance, this goldmine of data was going untapped.

We know what it's like to build something out of nothing. To pour your heart and soul into a business. So we asked: what can we do? How can we offer something more?

— Adam Gunnell, Palmers Accountancy Founder

The missing piece
of the puzzle

In 2014, Adam made it his mission to become the missing piece of the puzzle. After retraining as an accountant, he founded Palmers Accounting to help businesses across the UK to grow with clarity and confidence. Since then, we’ve grown to encompass a brilliant team of accounting professionals who are passionate about helping businesses reach their goals.

Our fresh, growth-focused approach continues to this day. We empower business owners like you to transform financial data into meaningful intelligence that drives your long-term goals. Put simply: we don’t just crunch the numbers – we use them to help your business build, scale and soar.

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Accounting with ambition

Palmers is an accounting firm dedicated to helping people with vision.Entrepreneurs who want to grow their business to support the life they want to lead. To understand what matters, where to focus, and how to carve their competitive advantage. People who want to stop feeling intimidated by their numbers, and start feeling empowered.

Dig a little deeper

Your numbers aren't just numbers. They're a reflection of your business; it's challenges, successes and day-to-day graft.We take time to understand the story being the digits, so the support we offer is not just backed by data, but practicable for your business. Because your numbers need to work in reality, not just on paper.

Proactive communication

Business moves fast – and so do we. We work promptly to ensure you're ahead of the game, and if there's anything to worry about, you'll hear it straight from us.We don't hide behind acronyms or screens; we drop the jargon and tell it as it is. And when you call, we pick up the phone. It's just how we do things, and always will be.

Packages that grow with you

We've been running and scaling businesses for almost two decades. So we know that as you grow, so do your needs. Which is why all our services have been cleverly designed to meet you where you're at.Our bespoke packages are completely flexible to your business needs, and easy to adapt as you grow. After all, we're in this for the long-haul.

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