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5 reasons your accountant isn’t just your accountant

In the old days, accountancy services, were just that – services which dealt with your accountancy issues, such as VAT, Bookkeeping, Corporation Tax, Self-Assessment etc. But times have changed. While you can still find a local accountant, who will just do your books, nowadays you’re more likely to find an accountant who will take your books, give them a thorough going over and use that information to give you valuable business insights to help grow your business.

Not getting that service? Well, it could be you need to change your accountant (!) or you just need to ask them (although, we’re pretty proactive in that department). We take a look at the 5 reasons why you accountant is so much more than just an accountant.

1. An accountant has access to all your business information

Who else, apart from the tax man knows all the ins and outs of your business? Who else will be able to spot trends and identify areas for improvement? Of course, you might be able to, but you’re probably too busy running your business and fire-fighting to realise you really need to increase your prices or to understand why you always have unsold stock at certain times of year.

That’s where you accountant should come in. We like to think of ourselves as a proactive, hands-on ‘virtual FD’ – the extra resource you need to spot what you need to do to drive your business forward to the next level.

2. Your accountant = an independent trusted partner

Chances are your business is your baby which means you might be wearing rose-tinted glasses when it comes to making hard decisions. Product not selling as well as it should? Someone on your team under-performing? It can be hard to spot problems when you’re so emotionally invested, which is why an independent, fresh pair of eyes is so crucial. It’s why a good local accountant is such a boon to your business. Not only will they be able to spot how to improve your business’s efficiency and effectiveness, but they’ll also act as a sounding-board for hard decisions and new ideas.

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3. Oodles of experience which isn’t just accountancy services related

Back in the good old days, people used to train as an accountant and that would be it for life. Nowadays, the job market isn’t so linear, which means there are a lot of local accountants out there that, shall we say, have real-life experience. Take us for example, as well as a background in accountancy services, we’ve also done recruitment and HR, worked in fast-paced, demanding industries and built successful businesses from the ground up. This means that not only have we got a pretty good idea of the challenges you face, but can also help in other areas of your business. Need help recruiting the best people for the job? Just give us call. Not sure whether to outsource or not? Let us take a look. We’re so much more than your bog-standard local accountant.

4. Accountant, yoga instructor, sleep guru

Okay, maybe your local accountant isn’t into yoga (or a guru), but you could argue that not having to worry about your tax or dealing with the tax man is the equivalent of going to a yoga session.

Think about the stress and sleepless nights you would have if you had to do your own VAT returns and Corporation Tax; the worry of having to run your own business while dealing with the tax man at the same time. Yes, people do it, but why? A good local accountant could help save you time, energy and a little bit of your sanity, by shouldering that burden for you.

5. Help you get your ideal work/life balance

To be fair, this might not be the focus of a lot of local accountants, but it is one of our key drivers. Yes, our main aim is to provide exceptional business support and help you grow your business, but what we also want to do is help you achieve your ideal work/life balance. Nobody wants to work around the clock or miss out on holidays and important occasions because of work. Maybe you want more time for mountain climbing, motocross or good old golf or simply want to spend time with your family. Whatever your dream work/life balance, we’re here to help it happen.

Hopefully, you’ve now got a good idea why an accountant isn’t just an accountant or rather why they should be doing so much more than just your books.

Over the years, we’ve helped ambitious business owners from Aylesbury, Tring, High Wycombe and the surrounding areas take their businesses to the next level by offering them invaluable business growth planning services. If you’re interested in learning more, why not get in touch.

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