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Getting More from Your Accounting Data in 2024: Generate Great Sales

Accounting data | Accountant looking at data on a laptop.

Accounting data is full of ‘stories’ and telling these stories can help you improve your business. An example that we see all too often looks something like this: A Business with Top Line Growth Goals… Nothing unusual there. Many businesses want to grow revenue to reward their shareholders or just stay competitive. The amount of […]

Honey Anyone? A Strategic Look at the People Numbers

We all know that bees live in large well-organised groups. As social insects, they engage in complex tasks including communicating clearly, building a nest, collecting food, and defending against invading forces. That’s a lot of work… so bees develop a hierarchy comprising workers, drones, and a queen – an organisational chart. Each member has a […]

What You Should Expect Out of Your Financial Reports? (Do Not Settle for Less)

We come across business owners and managers who diligently study their financial reports soon after they are available. Equally, we also come across business owners who never view financial reports. Never. And then there are business owners in between these extremes. The quality and relevance of financial reporting is likely to influence a manager’s attitude […]

Your Business Dashboard: What Should You Be Seeing in 2024?

business dashboard | person pointing at financial graph.

There was a time when cars didn’t have a fuel gauge. That meant you had to understand the size of your fuel tank, remember when you last bought fuel (and how much) and estimate the distance you’ve travelled since filling up. What is the equivalent of the fuel gauge in your business? Often called Key […]

How to Track Sales Opportunities to Predict New Revenue

If you want to grow your business, attracting new customers is an important strategy. Many will immediately think of marketing and creativity which can put many people off who feel like they are not a creative type. We believe that the first place you should look at is your sales process. You could attract so […]

Goals, Strategy and Plans: The Vital Fuel for Businesses

Many businesses (and certainly many of our clients) find themselves busy with the day-to-day tasks needed to be completed as a business. They know they should plan for the future but whoever gets time for that? They get caught up in the endless cycle of tactical business management. We encourage and help our clients to […]

Get what you want out of your business

As business owners, there is an endless stream of things, people, events and information that can overwhelm even the steadiest of leaders. We win or lose big sales, team members come and go, costs change, competition arises, and bills and payroll must get paid. Often, we spend so much of our time and energy battling […]

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